The atmosphere – the Swiss fans seem to love their motocross and their home heroes! Jeremy Seewer and Valentin Guillod got some superb flag waving and vocal support and it made for a great spectacle. The track also usually produces good racing which always helps the enthusiasm of the crowd.  

Herlings and Desalle put on a show for the entralled crowd. Pic: Youthstream

Seewer’s kit– Hands down the best gear in Switzerland was the IXS white gear that Jeremy Seewer had made for his home race was excellent. It stood out a mile and looked great and was a bit of a throwback to those white Chesterfield Yamaha kits from the early 90s. Seewer also rode superbly battling for the top five only to have a rare mechanical end early what was a brilliant weekend for the Wilvo Yamaha man.

Smoothing the track too much?– the track was in perfect condition on Saturday evening but yet again, inexplicably, the track crew levelled the track and dumped a load of water on it for Sunday’s races. It meant the track was more one line that it should have been for half the day yet again and even the riders and now Paul Malin seem to be confused as to why the bumps and lines in MXGP keep getting taken away from the best riders in the world. This is motocross not MotoGP, remember the days when MXGP never touched the track from Saturday to Sunday? Things have changed a lot in the last few months! 

EMX2 – the racing is so close in EMX2 and with a fascinating mix of experienced riders and young guns going for future GP glory. Frenchman Boisrame showed he has went to another level recently but the still makes mistake meaning anyone in the top ten can win a race with a good start. Boisrame made some points on Pocock this weekend, and while Mel rode good, the competition means that good isn’t good enough to make the podium. 

Jonass and Prado are locked in a championship battle. Pic: Ray Archer

Jonass v Prado – The mental battle between these two is fascinating, Prado keeps getting the starts but Jonass upped his game in Switzerland and ran him down in moto one only for Prado to change tactics in race two and sprint at the beginning to pull away from Jonass and hold on for the win. That win effectively gave Prado 6 points and kept the points lead at 28.

Prado is so mentally strong. He rides like Cairoli with his technique and he appear to have the mental strength, he has that little bit of arrogance (in a good way) that Jonass maybe lacks and that appears to be a making the difference along with Prado’s holeshot ability. But, there is  still four rounds left and Jonass will not relinquish his title without a fight as the pressure grows on the Spaniard to win his first world title.  






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