1. The weather– After a cold, windy Saturday, the sun came out on Sunday to make what was seen as a risky date in March. It was a picture perfect GP on a fantastic track with all round viewing that provided some superb racing. Well done to Steve Dixon and his team for a fantastic event.
  2. The track was rough – Last year the track maintenance perhaps went overboard a bit with a smooth track awaiting the riders on a Sunday each weekend, but not at Matterley. All the ruts remained and the choppy bumps continued to get rougher on Sunday, making it a very difficult track to ride by the two main motos, just the way it should be for the best in the world.
  3. The crowd – With such a vast area, a good crowd can still look not so good at the British GP but thousands descended on Matterley Basin this year in what was one of the biggest crowds I can remember at the British GP in recent years to see the Brits as well as Cairoli and Gajser put on a fantastic show in the premier class.
  4. EMX250 – That class is tough! With such small margins separating the riders, it’s all in on the qualifying laps as the kids give everything to make the GP dream happen. All the guys are legit and it’s great to so the young getting a platform to showcase their talents, but it’s all out war out there!
  5. The Brits – It didn’t go to plan for most of the British riders with most having issues in one way or another and forced to come through from the back of the field. But the crowd kept their eyes on them and gave them the support they needed with the riders pushing hard to come through no matter the frustration of not being where they wanted to be. Shaun Simpson, despite that first moto crash, even told me it was one of the best British GPs he could remember in terms of the event and how it was to ride in front of the big crowd.

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