Ireland’s Jim O’Neill recently starred on a US motocross podcast show, Big mx radio, to discuss his time training in the USA and his goals for the 2018 season – which includes making the Irish Motocross of Nations team to give him the chance of racing at Red Bud and doing Larocco’s leap!

“The main goal for me is to ride Motocross of Nations for Ireland,” explained O’Neill to BigMX radio host, Brad Gebhardt. “I’ve always dreamed of jumping Larocco’s leap. Those are two things I’ve always wanted to do so I could kill two birds with one stone. But to get there I need to be top ten in the British championship and the main goal in Ireland is to win the Irish and Ulster championships.”

Jim also said that his main inspiration growing up was Gordon Crockard, “Every young kid in Ireland looked up to Gordon Crockard, he was the old-school, smooth, two-stroke king. He was an inspiration to all the kids in Ireland, he raced Pichon, won some GPs and was third in the world championship. He was multiple British champion, a Red Bull athlete and all the thing everyone looks at (aspires to) and wants to be.

“I worked with him a couple of years and smooth and fast is his motto, and that’s the way I try and like to go myself – to open up the track and ride it like a MotoGP track or something. He taught me a lot.”


You can listen to the full interview below:


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