Gautier Paulin has released this statement on his injuries on Facebook, read it all below.

Hello everyone,

Just a quick update from my side : last week I had a surgery on my knee – everything went well and i’m recovering pretty good. I crashed in the GP of Loket in a right corner. When I got up immediately felt that there was a problem. The force of the crash bruised the bone, meniscus and there was some cartilage damage. After meeting all my medical staff we decided to continue the championship because I could not aggravate the injury but enduring the pain would be my biggest enemy. The doctors said that i would not ride Lommel, the pain would stop me. It was the most difficult race of my career and i finished 2nd. I ride with thid pain untill the Nations. I decided that I would not give up until the end!

I love riding Supercross and I was super excited about the idee of riding
Monster cup and Supercross of Paris/Lille but I will still be in Lille to meet you. I start rehabilitation and already can’t wait to be back on my bike !!


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