Tomac: It’s all good, it’s been fun being here. We are excited to be here at Red Bud, it’s a great facility. We are excited to get going.  It’s easier when you can stay inside your country and come to an event at a track we have ridden in the past.

Plessinger: I am feeling great, I am super excited I got picked, with being in Red Bud it couldn’t be any better. I feel like we are going to do some damage. I am excited for the Gatedrop and to hear all the fans and ge this thing going. I am more excited than nervous and ready to get the job done.

Barcia: It’s always very enjoyable for me this race. We are all very motivated, everything is gelling really well, we had enough time to get a little testing and a rest, the track is sick. This just feels good, to be here today is amping me up to go racing.

DeCoster: We had a National here in July and these guys did really good and I expect they will be just as good this weekend. We don’t underestimate our competition, the best in the world are here.

This level of riders are experienced in the wet conditions, the Europeans are really good in the mud, will know that. The chances of winning will stay prett much the same.






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