Herlings: It would be beautiful to win here. It’s gonna be a gamble with the weather here, we haven’t had a mud race all year in GP. We will wait and see, it’s a shame it’s not going to be dry. I think as a team we are looking strong, individually I will do my best as well as be a team player.

It would be a dream to come to Assen next year with 1-2-3 on our bikes I think it will be hard to beatbox the USA here, they are very strong as are a lot of other teams.

Searle: I think for us it’s to do our best but we have to perform well. I don’t see why we can’t be on the podium. Me and max have raced here before and the track suits us. We just have to do our thing and try and get on the box. I got a second place here in 09, the track looks great, hopefully the rain doesn’t put a dampener on it too much, I am looking forward to racing.

Anstie: I got three podiums against the best riders in the world. You don’t want to talk about the bad races you want to talk about the good ones! I’m looking forward to it, being back here in America, I can’t out-do last year, it depends what happens on the starts. I will do my best for the team and focus on myself and we will be good.

Ferrandis:I feel good about this weekend it’s a bit like a home track for me, I rode here last year and two months ago in the National and did good. I have the bike here I rode this season, it’s exactly the same and it seems the best 250 bike in the world and that should help me a lot tomorrow and Sunday.

Tomorrow the 250 race will be interesting because I have never raced with the world champ Prado and I’m curious to see what speed he’s got and definitely my teammate Aaron, he’s the champ in America and he’s the man to beat.

Desalle: I’m feeling good, I have missed a lot of years with injury but the last time I raced we won so hopefully we can end like this. We will do our best, we hare a good team, we have fun together. I think we can do a good thing together, I feel it.

Cairoli: I’m happy to be hear again at the Nations, last week was a big disaster, I’m a little bit sore, my back is hurting a lot. When you put the Italian shirt it gives motivation, we are really motivated to make the podium this year.

Pastrana: It’s an awesome opportunity to get back to our roots but also raise some money and help.we got the caveman out of retirement, this is my dream team, team captain Ricky Johnson! The greatest moment of my entire life was kicking Frances butt in 2000! No one threw Windham a retirement party so his retirement will be on Sunday night!

I have ridden a two-stroke my whole life, I am more comfortable on a two-stroke. Rick Johnson said the worst thing I could do was accidentally holeshot on a 450 and think I can run with the guys and wreck myself in half a lap! We appreciate everyone allowing us to be a part of this event, we are all going to Puerto Rico before Christmas and put roofs on a couple of houses and help out.

Windham: I have had flashbacks of good and bad Des Nations, Ernee was great. I was talking with Travis about this since January but but for some reason I didn’t accept the call to six weeks ago! I am plus-sized man, I’m full figured! I have not enjoyed the preparation, I wanted to kill Travis on a daily basis! But we all have a sense of what this could mean for Puerto Rico.


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