Coming into the season, Miro Sihvonen was one of the favourites for the EMX250 championship but an awful knee injury meant he’s missed nearly the full season so far.

The Finn talent got back on the bike last month and raced a few races in Finland to prepare for his EMX250 return. At the weekend he contested the latest round of the ADAC Youngsters Cup and he was one of the fastest which was encouraging, he ended up fourth overall but was battling for the lead in both moto’s.

“Tensfeld was quite good, I think everybody else was surprised and satisfied with the result except me because I really wanted to win. I probably would have won the second moto and the overall if my rear suspension didn’t break, but that’s something we have no control over”. Sihvonen had to say regarding Tensfeld.

Despite taking plenty of recovery time to let his knee heal, it’s still not 100% fit and he can’t train like he wants too during the week. “When I’m riding it doesn’t feel too bad if I don’t over jump too far or something like that, but after riding I can tell you that it’s sore, swollen and stiff. That’s why I can’t do too much physical training right now because I need to let it heal and recover to go riding again”.

Lommel isn’t the easiest of places to make your EMX250 return but Sihvonen doesn’t mind the tougher tracks and he’s had a podium there before. He will want to end the season strongly to secure a good ride for 2019, there’s no doubt he’ll want to contest the MX2 World Championship and he has the speed too it’s just a matter of staying fit!

“I’m really excited to get back to the EMX250 races, although it’ll be the toughest race right away. I really like the track in Lommel, but we’ll see how physically I will be able last because I haven’t been able to train properly for a long time”.

” I’d really like to thank my team KTM diga junior racing for their huge effort and sticking behind me. Also thanks to my coach Jussi Vehviläinen for still believing in me like always”.

Pic: Eric Laurijssen


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