We would like to officially announce that Christopher Mills and Theo Eggens racing Honda has mutually parted company.

Christopher joined Eggens in October 2017, and left a couple of days ago. Christopher is in his rookie season in the EMX250cc class.

Christopher on what happened

It was a mutual decision to leave the team, being in my rookie year was always going to be hard, I had quite a few bike problems. I will remain professional as it’s important to focus on the here and now, and look to the future. I got on really well with Theo and I will always be grateful for the opportunity he gave me.

I was just 16 when I joined him and have never lived on my own before, this gave me the opportunity to grow, I cooked, cleaned and trained alone, it confirmed to me that if you really want to do something, then you will do it.

So what happens now?
I am going back to Herman’s team MX United Progrip. I rode for them on my 125cc Yamaha and will finish off the season riding Yamaha again. Herman is an absolutely fantastic person, I am looking forward to getting back on the Yamaha.

It’s very difficult starting again towards the end of the season, but difficulties also present opportunities too.

I have just found another place to live in Holland, I am so committed to being the best I can be. My dad lives in the UK and my mum lives in Spain, but I have fantastic friends who will help me through the transition .

So many people have said not many 16/17 year olds could have done what I did, but it was and still is a great experience .

I am looking for personal sponsors next year to help me to keep pushing and competing. Mx is an expensive sport and even though I miss my family, this is something I have to do, being in the Netherlands gives me more opportunities. Personal sponsors allows me to continually improve.

I would personally like to thank Herman for his continued belief in me, Theo Eggens for the opportunity he gave me, my current supporters and sponsors ,SGUT Sol Gilbert for sponsoring me next season, my new sponsors and my family and friends who are so supportive.

Pic: Eric Laurijssen


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