The MXGP World Championship heads to Switzerland this weekend but some GP riders will race in Belgium tomorrow (15th August 2018) to prepare for round sixteen of the MXGP World Championship.

Keiheuvel is where some GP riders will head tomorrow to get some race time under their belts. The Sylvian Geboers trophy is up for grabs for the overall MX1 winner and the Joel Roelants trophy will be the reward for the MX2 overall winner.

The entry list includes the following talent:

Jago Geerts
Steve Ramon
Kevin Strijbos
Jens Getteman
Damon Graulus
Ken De Dycker
Brent van Doninck
Kenny Vandueren
Yentl Martens
Greg Smets
Jeffrey Dewulf
Kevin Fors
Lars Griekspoor
Shaun Simpson
Max Nagl
Harri Kullas
Anthony Rodriguez
Petar Petrov
Arminas Jasikonis
Thomas Covington
Lars Van Berkel
Calvin Vlaanderen
Glenn Coldenhoff

Pic: Nigel McKinstry




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