As a single moment with life changing consequences, this was undoubtedly the moment of 2017.

As Zach Osborne charged from the back of the field trying to save a dream, he hit those whoops like his motocross career depended on it.

With Savatgy and his title, right in front of him, it was make or break for the rider who came from British champion back across the Atlantic to become a supercross champion – and Osborne was not missing his chance. Osborne stormed down the inside of the whoops targeting Savatgy and, in a ferociously explosive pass that left Savatgy spinning to the ground, Osborne, in that memorable moment, won a supercross title that he went around the world to capture.

The emotion of a tearful Osborne, who collapsed to the ground in disbelief after acheiveing a lifelong dream, compared to the anger and frustration of Savatgy who was in disbelief that he lost a title two corners from the finish, was poles apart and underlined the emotional rollercoaster and stunning real-life theatre and sport can bring.

That is a moment that will forever be remembered in supercross history, not just the 2017 season.


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