Hunter Lawrence says the hand is “getting better and better” with the Aussie targeting a comeback at the Russian MXGP in two weeks time.

Lawrence has missed the last two GPs due to a hand injury and unfortunately it coincided with a drop in Pauls Jonass form making it an event more frustrating time for both Lawrence and the 114 Motorsports Honda team when they think of what could have been.

See what Livia and Bas Vaessen had to say about the Portuguese GP as well as more from Lawrence below:

PR: Honda 114 Motorsports was hoping for a better result in Agueda after the hard one in Italy. Bas Vaessen was our only rider behind the gate since Hunter Lawrence has to recover from his hand injury.

Bas never felt confortable on this condition, from the first practice he felt a strong pain in his Left Adductor, probably a consequence of his crash last week end. We had a lot of rain the week before the race, this made the track really soft, with really deep Ruths which didn’t help Bas and his painful leg. He was struggling to find the good lines and his rhythm, he qualified in P14. First moto was so far the best moment of the week end while he was fighting inside the Top 10. The second Race will be one the worse for him since the beginning of the 2018 season, after a really bad start, he had a crash, but he didn’t gave up and came back on a disappointing 19th place for 15th Overall.


The Team is now focus on the next GP in Russia and hopefully with 2 riders 100% healthy behind the gate.

Livia Lancelot : “Hard Week end again in Agueda, Bas deserve so much better than this result. He is a good rider but at the moment he doesn’t find the way to put everything together to get the result all the Staff and himself are waiting. Steps by Steps we are getting there, but not fast enough. Now I just hope that his muscle injury isn’t too bad and he will be able to fight 100% in Russia. We still missed Hunter this week end , the news are good and all my finger are crossed for Russia.”

Hunter Lawrence : “The hand is getting better and better, we are working hard and training hard to try and make it back for Russia, each day we are making small steps with the hand it’s just a matter of time for the bone to heal, remaining positive”

Bas Vaessen : “Was a bit of a disappointing weekend for me and the Team. I was dealing with a small injury in my left leg and that made it a bit tougher throughout the weekend. The only time I really rode well was the first Moto in which I felt quite comfortable but the  other times on the track I  was struggling quite a bit and that makes me searching for the next GP.

Words and pic: 114 Motorsports Honda


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