Ken Roczen interview – US Nationals, Herlings and if he will race MXGP again

Ken Roczen spoke to the guys at Too Fast media in an excellent and wide ranging interview before Hangtown.

The German gave his thoughts on a number of subjects including his health, the upcoming US Nationals, Jeffrey Herlings and racing MXGP again as well has his friendship with Tony Cairoli.

“Something isn’t right, we are doing a lot of testing,” said Roczen on his health issue. “I am seeing a couple of more specialists next week. I haven’t been doing any legit training because my body doesn’t allow me, it’s frustrating for me.”

Roczen also revealed how difficult the transition from the GPs to America.

“I think if I would have stayed in Europe, I had my stuff dialled, 2009 I rode good I should have won the championship in 2010 if my bike wouldn’t have broken three times, I won the championship in 2011, every year I was getting better and better, I had a solid system that worked over there.

“Coming here, it didn’t matter anymore, everything was different, groceries, training, I didn’t have my track anymore, the racing was one day, everything was so different, it was crazy and very overwhelming.”

On the titles he’s missing, Roczen said, “I’m still trying to cross off that 450 supercross title, that’s the last thing left, obviously I don’t have MXGP (premier class) title.. who knows maybe in the future I will find my way back there.”

On Herlings almost racing the Nationals, Roczen said: “It would have been sweet, obviously the level he was on over there was phenomenal and outstanding so it would have been cool for him. But at the same time I didn’t believe it all.”

“I look at it like, why would he? He has his stuff dialled over there. I know he’s injured and has missed a few races already, why come here and maybe not be as prepared as he was last year. It’s different over here, I know he raced one race. I feel likes it’s too much of a hassle for him, he has his stuff dialled over there.


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