The talented Dutch youngster, Kay Karssemakers will stay on the 85cc machine for the 2018 season.

Karssemakers spent the season under the HMX awning but has signed a deal with KTM Netherlands for the 2018 season. He will spend the season under the Vos Oss KTM awning with help from Team Youth Pro MX.  Aalster Tentenbefrijf and Rijkers Bedrijfswagens will also help the talented Dutch rider over the course of the season.

Karssemakers will be hoping to win the Dutch Masters 85cc title in what is expected to be his last year on the 85cc. He will also be hoping for success at the JWC and the EMX85 championship in 2018.

He is expected to move up to the 125cc in 2019 where he should compete in the EMX125 series.

Pic: FVDE Photography


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