It was the second round of the ONK Dutch Championship in Boekel at the weekend.

In the 85cc class, Kay Karssemakers was much improved for round two as he won the overall during the second round. He went 3-1 in the moto’s to clinch the overall. Scott Smulders had another good round ending up second overall with Liam Everts rounding off the podium. Kay de Wolf won the first of the day but unfortuantely DNF’d the second moto.

Raivo Dankers was in good form as he won both of the 125cc moto’s to take the overall. Raf Meuwissen ended up second in both the moto’s to take the second step of the podium. Wannes van de Voorde impressed as he rounded of the podium.

In the MX2 class it was Kevin Horgmo who struck first as he won the first moto of the day. However, he crashed three times in the second moto which left Freek van der Vlist to take him the win and the overall on his Carglass Honda. Glen Meier was only sixth in the first moto but stepped it up in moto two to come home in second and secure second overall too. Youri van t Ende who will actually contest the EMX300 series in 2018 had a great day to end up third overall.

Cedric Grobben won the MX1 class with Sven van der Mierden also taking a moto win but had to be content with second overall. Lars van Berkel edged out Luca Nijenhuis for the last step of the podium.

85cc overall:

  1. Kay Karssemakers
  2. Scott Smulders
  3. Liam Everts
  4. Ivano van Erp
  5. Kyle van Zutphen

125cc overall:

  1. Raivo Dankers
  2. Raf Meuwissen
  3. Wannes van de Voorde
  4. Mack Bouwense
  5. Emil Weckman
  6. Mario Lucas
  7. Kjell Verbruggen
  8. Maksim Kraev
  9. Cameron Durow
  10. Twan Wagenaar

MX2 overall:

  1. Freek van der Vlist
  2. Glen Meier
  3. Youri van t Ende
  4. Bastian Boegh Damm
  5. Sander Agard-Michelsen
  6. Rene de Jong
  7. Marcel Conijn
  8. Jonatan Mattsson
  9. Lars Griekspoor
  10. Michael van Wezel

MX1 overall:

  1. Cedric Grobben
  2. Sven van der Mierden
  3. Lars van Berkel
  4. Luca Nijenhuis
  5. Dietger Damiaens
  6. Mike Gijsbertsen
  7. Bram van den Hoek
  8. Jarno Derks
  9. Greg Smets
  10. Santtu Tiainen

Pic: Niek Kamper



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