Justin Starling has confirmed he’ll be racing the Motocross Des Nations that heads to Assen in September for team Puerto Rico.

We have to wait to find out who the other two riders will be on the team but don’t be shocked if there’s a surprise in store.

“Beyond excited to announce I will be racing the Motocross of Nations for Team Puerto Rico in Assen, Netherlands on September 27-29th! As a kid I always dreamt of racing the MXoN and now to be racing it for the second time in my career is truly a blessing and I am so excited for this years race”, Starling commented.

Starling confesses it’s a huge honour for him to race the Motocross Des Nations as he simply loves the event.

“It really is badass. I was lucky enough to race MXoN in 2017 in The U.K and it was literally a feeling I couldn’t describe. Everything was AMAZING! And then to get to do it again is mind blowing. I’ll race it every year no matter what if they wanted me too. And it’s awesome having my team in Germany and they are only 2 hours from Assen so I have a great team behind me there to give me the best support and not just borrow a bike like 2017”, said Starling.

Pic: Niek Kamper


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