This time last year young Aussie, Jed Beaton got an opportunity he couldn’t refuse and that was to contest the EMX250 series with the Carglass Honda team. Beaton won the 2016 MX2 Australian title so was expected to show some good speed in the EMX250 series.

However, it always takes time to settle in and that’s what Beaton found out when he made the move. “Being nineteen and moving to the other side of the world, it was pretty scary at first.  I didn’t really know what to expect or what was coming”, Beaton revealed in the second Episode of Context.

“I took a while to settle in, I lived a week with the truck driver but didn’t settle in well there. I moved in with the team manager but I was a little bit of a pain living with him, there wasn’t enough space for me so they built half a room in the garage.  It was a way of getting by for me, the routine was still the same the next day, it was a way of sleeping at night.”

Beaton who has always been very bike fit had to adjust to live in Europe and didn’t have the same routine as he had back in Australia. During the 2017 season he would have only rode two or three times during the week and didn’t know when the next day was going to come, something he wasn’t used too.

For his first year in the EMX250 series, Beaton had some high points but also some lows. Overall, he can be happy that he done well enough to secure a ride for the 2018 season which was always one his main goals.

“The 2017 season in EMX, was okay, that’s the most I’d say, that it was okay. I had a lot of crashes and a few mechanical issues. The little things hindered my results”.

After a slow start to the season, Latvia was the turning point for the Aussie and when things started to go much better.

“It was one of the goals that I could tick off, just in that second moto it give me more motivation to keep going and chipping away.”

Beaton did pick up a collarbone in Ottobiano after that unfortunately but he got surgery and was back on the bike again in nine days.

Beaton then got a huge opportunity to race in the MX2 World Championship with the official HRC Honda squad. Before the final round in France, he was supposed to contest the final EMX250 round but his Carglass Honda team released him from his contract.

However, Beaton found out the day before the final GP that he didn’t have a ride with them for the 2018 season so there was quite a lot of pressure for him to perform during the final round to secure a ride.

Perform is exactly what he done as he ended up third overall and on the podium which was a superb result.

On the back of this result, the F&H Racing team inked a deal with the Aussie to compete in the MX2 World Championship on a Kawasaki.

Beaton will also be working closely with Marc de Reuver who’s an ex GP rider himself and worked with World Champ,  Pauls Jonass last year so will be hoping he can reach the top with Beaton.

You can watch the superb Context episode that features Jed Beaton here.

Pic: Shot by Bavo



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