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James Scott impressive during Dutch debut!

James Scott impressive during Dutch debut!
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The third round of the Dutch Masters of Motocross took place at Circuit “De Kuilen” in Mill. Translated that means “The holes” and true to form the former GP track was rough and littered with bumps and holes. The F4E Racing team had a decent day in Holland with James Scott and Wannes van de Voorde respectively placing eighth and thirteenth.

Up and coming Dutchman Kjell Verbruggen was sidelined with a nagging knee injury. Mario Lucas was absent as well. However Mario has been making a splash back home in Spain lately. The Spanish F4E Racing rider rode to victory in Bellpuig two weeks ago and added another win to his tally yesterday at the Spanish 125cc championship in Talavera de la Reina.

Forty riders from ten countries lined up for qualifying in the morning in Mill. While both James Scott and Wannes van de Voorde easily made the cut, their respective times had been a bit disappointing. Still Van de Voorde had a good jump from the gate in the opening moto. He circulated around tenth in the opening lap when he couldn’t avoid a fallen rider in front of him. Luckily unharmed ‘Wanny’ proceeded his race although he struggled to regain his pace and came home 18th. Scott had an equally complicated first moto. A bad start and two crashes limited the Kiwi’s chances of any decent result. Eventually James finished 14th.

Things could hardly have started any better for the F4E squad in the second moto. Scott rode his KTM 125 SX to the holeshot with Van de Voorde close behind him! Wannes pushed early on but was punished when he hit a patch of soft sand on the outside. Relegated to fifteenth the Belgian champion put in a solid effort to remount to ninth after the 25 minute plus one lap sprint.

In his first ever Dutch Masters of Motocross appearance team mate Scott made a name for himself at the front. James held on to second for one third of the race before the lack of bike time, track conditions and the heat got the better of him. The proverbial man with the hammer relentlessy knocked Scott back to fifth.

The F4E Racing team heads to the Latvian MXGP this weekend to compete in the third round of the EMX125 series.

James Scott: “The track was rough man! I’m not used to this kind of soil so Mill was definitely an eye opener for me. And when the locals tell you it was tough you know it wasn’t just me! I’ve to admit that the heat made it gnarly too, I’ve only been back on the bike for four weeks so that gives you an idea. Overall it wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t great either. Except for that opening moto, it’s probably better to forget about that one! I crashed twice and 14th was all I could salvage. My speed was quite good in the second moto and it was cool to grab the holeshot! In the second half of the race I was getting really tired so I know what to work on… I can’t wait for my first EMX125 round this weekend in Kegums.”

Wannes van de Voorde: “Mill was not what I hoped it would. It’s clear to me that I could’ve done better. In time practice I had a hard time to come to grips with the track so that resulted in a mediocre time and not the best pick behind the gate. I managed quite a good start though so I was bummed that I went down early. After I had difficulties to regain my rhythm. I got out of the gate great in the second moto and started charging immediately to try and pass James (Scott). Unfortunately I crashed when I hit loose sand. Even when I suffered painful arms I did a better job of rebuilding my speed so that was okay. Another positive is my fitness so that’s something we can build on. I never raced Kegums before so I’m keen to find out what the track is all about!”

125cc Dutch Masters of Motocross Mill Race 1
1. Raivo Dankers, 2. Raf Meuwissen, 3. Emil Weckman, 4. Filip olsson, 5. Brian van der Klij, 6. Cameron Durow, 7. Adam Collings, 8. Twan Wagenaar, 9. Loeka Thonies, 10. Sam Nunn, 11. Alessandro Facca, 12. Boyd Van der Voorn, 13. Arno Menting, 14. James Scott, 15. Dean Schellen , 16.  Rick Wennekens, 17. Niki Kutcherov, 18. Wannes van de Voorde, 19. Rob Van de Veerdonk, 20. Dylan Kroon

125cc Dutch Masters of Motocross Mill Race 2
1. Emil Weckman, 2. Raivo Dankers, 3. Filip olsson, 4. Raf Meuwissen, 5. James Scott, 6. Alessandro Facca, 7. Cameron Durow, 8. Rick Wennekens, 9. Wannes van de Voorde, 10. Boyd Van der Voorn, 11. Adam Collings, 12. Twan Wagenaar, 13. Wiljam Malin, 14. Arno Menting, 15. Rob Van de Veerdonk, 16. Brian van der Klij, 17. Lars Derboven, 18. Noah Croon, 19. Dean Schellen, 20. Kjeld Stuurman

Overalls standings Mill Race
1.Raivo Dankers 47, 2. Emil Weckman 45, 3. Raf Meuwissen 40, 4. Filip Olsson 38, 5. Cameron Durow 29, 6. Alessandro Facca 25, 7. Adam Collings 24, 8. James Scott 23, 9. Twan Wagenaar 22, 10. Brian van der Klij 21, 11. Boyd Van der Voorn 20, 12. Rick Wennekens 18, 13. Wannes van de Voorde 15, 14. Arno Menting 15, 15. Loeka Thonies 12, 16. Sam Nunn 11, 17. Wiljam Malin 8, 18. Rob Van De Veerdonk 8, 19. Dean Schellen 8, 20. Lars Derboven 5

Championship standings Dutch Masters of Motocross after 3 rounds
1. Emil Weckman 115, 2. Raivo Dankers 112, 3. Filip Olsson 110, 4. Raf Meuwisssen 110, 5. Brian van der Klij 69, 6. Emil Jonrup 65, 7. Peter Polak 64, 8. Boyd van der Voorn 60, 9. Rene Hofer 47, 10. Cameon Durow 44, 11. Loeka Thonies 36, 12. Alessandro Facca 35, 13. Arno Menting 33, Twan Wagenaar 29, 15. Adam Collings 28, 16. Mario Lucas 28, 17. Lion Florian 26, 18. James Scott 23, 19. Wannes van de Voorde 23, 20. Jörgen-Matthias Talviku… 29. Kjell Verbruggen 16

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