Weston Peick has had a very good supercross season so far with the JRG Autotrader factory Suzuki team.

The hard working, tough man of supercross keeps raising his level year after year and Doug Turney caught up with Peick in Seattle to discuss his season and the upcoming outdoor series.

Congratulations on a good season, you have been consistent, how do you feel about it?

It’s been more consistent than I have had in the previous years of racing so I can’t complain about that. I have had some really good results and been up front but I have had some bad races that you wish you could eliminate but that’s racing. Other than that it has been going well, the team is awesome and the new bike has been great,

You are doing well in the points, any strategy besides consistency for the rest of the year?

There is nothing more you can do except show up and be on your A game. I am sixth in points right now and close to fifth and fourth. I just got to minimise my mistakes and make sure my starts are good so I can finish up there.

Going back to Atlanta you had a jig bail-off – do you go back and watch crashes like that on video?

Not really! I mean you watch once or twice to see what happened or why it happened but then you throw it away from there, there is no point reminiscing back on a crash, they happen and I am just thankful to be uninjured from that.

Peick (no.34) has been banging bars with the title contenders all year long. Pic: Doug Turney

What happened physically?

I had a bone bruise on my right heel pretty bad and tore some muscles in my right shoulder blade. But no broken bones just sore and one of those things where you get back up and keep grinding and do what you could do.

We are coming to the end of the supercross season and outdoors in about 6 or 7 weeks,  have you been doing any riding or testing for that yet?

Yeah we started are first block of testing this week we were able to get in some good riding and baseline testing, the new Suzuki has been awesome and pretty easy to adapt to for supercross and motocross so far so we just get a couple more days, make one or two days a week as we transition to outdoors and get prepared.

How is that transition going from supercross to outdoor racing?

There isn’t a huge transition, supercross is more technique and more patience you aren’t wide open on the throttle so when you do get to outdoors you almost have to relearn how to keep the throttle on for a long period of time or run it on deeper. It’s diferent just trying to get used to that, the faster pace, more turn speed bigger entrance speed butit comes back pretty quick.

Do you have a preference?

I enjoy supercross quite a bit so I feel if we could choose to race supercross or outdoors I’d choose supercross.


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