The other side of motocross sometimes isn’t pretty. Former factory Suzuki rider Nico Izzi initially got hooked to pain-killing drugs after shattering his heel from casing a triple in a supercross race and that led to heroin and alcohol addiction and now, unfortunately, Izzi is in jail.

Izzi says he split from his parents when he got to California as an 18 year old with his factory Suzuki deal and started going down the wrong path before the injuries hit and then depression as his career slipped away.

Izzi on his factory Suzuki back in 2009

The following interview talks directly to Izzi from jail, as well as his mother’s experience of trying to deal with the situation and the complexity of riders dealing with painkiller addiction in the industry.

“He was never a drug addict, he was an athlete and he was prescribed these things that took him to another level,” said Izzi’s mum.  “Unfortunately people prescribed him wrong things and then other people who thought there were his friends said, ‘snort them,’ he was doing 20 pills a day.”

“He’s where he is right now (jail), and if he wasn’t there the next step was death, and that’s hard pill for me to swallow for me as a mother.”

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  1. If you could tell nico izzi Justin from Albany, GA said hey i miss my bro and to keep his head up. And that he’s got this.

  2. I’ve been a fan of nico since his amature carrier and I still beileve in him he’s a great guy with bad habits and habits are hard to change!
    Keep pushing nico cant wait to see you scrubing again

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