Marvin Musquin has had a pretty unlucky season so far. After winning round one the Red Bull KTM rider dislocated his shoulder in the whoops in Houston and has been battling with the injury ever since.

But last weekend in San Diego Musquin looked closer to his old form, actually catching rival Jason Anderson but running out of time to make the pass. A second place however, shows the progress Musquin has made and the technically gifted KTM rider spoke to Doug Turney after the race and explained that his shoulder is still holding him back off the bike.

Congratulations on the podium tonight, how’s the shoulder doing?

It’s killing me right now, muscle-wise it’s not good. I feel pretty good on the bike so that’s a good thing. It’s not good on the bike, it’s hard to train and do exercises in the gym but it feels decent in the gym so I am happy about that.

Are you able to ride during the week?

Yeah I have been able to ride during the week so that helps me a lot.

Was it a dislocated shoulder?


Musquin. Pic Doug Turney

It seems the second half of the race tonight your speed really came on?

Yeah I don’t know if the lap times were better or not but I tried to be consistent and tried to be clean with the riding. At the end I was a little bit bummed because I felt I was closing on Jason, which was good so a second place is good.

It seemed like there was a little extra aggression in the second half, you were just picking people off…

Yeah, because I felt better with the bike and that helped a lot. I enjoyed riding the main even because the bike suited me better so that was interesting.

You were on such a roll at the end of the year, then you had bad luck, do you feel like things are coming around again?

Well I don’t talk about luck it’s more about the confidence and strength in the body. When you are not riding all week long and you have to take care of the shoulder, it’s different than when you feel 100% are going to the gym and putting in the laps, that’s what’s hard about racing.

We will see how the shoulder is feeling, I will try to be consistent, I will keep working hard and if the shoulder is good, it will be a good end of the season for sure.

Interview and pic: Doug Turney


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