Jake Sheridan started off the 2018 season on fire but a broken back a couple of rounds into the season meant his momentum was well and truly halted. Sheridan bravely came back at the end of the year but understandably wasn’t the same rider after such a serious injury and a lot of time off the bike.

But last weekend saw Sheridan return to his top form with a brilliant performance at Canada Heights and then taking his first moto win of the year in the Ulster championship at Seaforde a day later – beating Martin Barr and Glenn McCormick to do it an thrilling third moto battle.

We caught up with the motivated KTM rider to get his thoughts on a superb weekend and coming back from such a serious injury.

A good day yesterday you showed some good speed at the British, then today you were really good, even got a holeshot against the 450s taking a moto win against Martin and Glenn…

Yeah, it was great. I think I got the monkey off my back yesterday and just starting to feel a lot more confident in myself and on the bike again after my crash last year in the Ulster. I think this weekend I can take a lot of positives from and have that feel good factor for once. I feel good now but there’s lots to work on as well.

The first moto today you got away good and were in that top five, did that help the confidence and show you were riding well?

Yeah, although I was riding a little bit tight and not really flowing with the track because I hadn’t ridden here in a long time. I was getting more comfortable with the track as the day went on and I knew I needed a good start in the last race so I put a bit of extra preparation into my gate. It was all down to the start in that last one and ride with a smooth head, it worked out well.

Sheridan at Canada Heights

You were under serious pressure in the last few laps of the third moto, Martin and Glenn were right behind you, John Meara (450) just in front, and with just over a lap to go you passed John, was it in your mind to get him to give you that gap?

Definitely. I knew Martin was there and putting the pressure on me and wasn’t going to wait any longer. I expected Martin to put a block pass on me or whatever.

I seen John and I seen the opening and thought I needed to put a bike between us to keep that gap so that’s what I done on, I think it was the second last lap. I was happy I did that and it got me a bit of a breather so I could just bring it home then, so happy enough.

Your level seems have to risen this weekend in the British and here, is getting the starts a lot to do with that or have you been doing something different in the last few weeks?

To be honest we haven’t. I have a mesh start at home but haven’t been practicing them during the week or anything like that. I was really impressed with myself yesterday getting two good starts, I didn’t expect that at all, that played a big part in my results yesterday. I’m happy enough, things are clicking back together again for me.

And with the injury, did it take you longer to get back to this level than you thought?

Yeah definitely, it’s more so confidence and that now. Physically I am 100%, I feel fitter and stronger than I ever have been. The last race yesterday I finished tenth and I got that confidence that I belong here and stuff like that , today again I was coming in confident.


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