One rider who has a lot of potential but has been away from the GP paddock in 2017 is young Belgian, Cyril Genot. Genot has been focusing on his education this year but also rode the ADAC MX Masters on a 350cc, a big bike for such a young rider!

However, now that Genot has finished studying, he will be back in the GP paddock for the 2018 season to compete in the EMX250 series. Genot competed in the series last year but things didn’t go to plan as he left the Silver Action KTM team just a few months into the season.

Genot will be hoping for better results next year and riding the 350cc might just make him a better MX2 rider. He will ride for his own team – the Genot Racing team which is something he has done before in the EMX125 series so it won’t all new to him.

We decided to catch up with Genot to discuss his season and plans for 2018 and beyond.

Gatedrop: Cyril, you will race for your own team next year and back in the EMX250 championship, what’s the reason behind your plans for 2018?

Cyril Genot:  I always had the plan to come back to the EMX250 championship. For sure I would have loved to have competed it in 2017 but it was way to difficult to combine everything. Travelling combined with school day in day out, I just didn’t want to do everything half and half. Both the EMX and GP level are high. You need to be trained as a beast like everybody else who competes it, otherwise you will take way to many risks for nothing. That was our opinion and why we chose to ride in the ADAC-championship on a 350SX-F and try to combine it with my last year of high-school.

Gatedrop: You were riding a 350cc and focused on the ADAC MX Masters this year, how did your season go for you?

Cyril Genot: For sure we had some ups and downs. My riding was pretty okay, I loved the 350SX-F. I showed some nice time practices and even did some good moto’s riding in the top 10. I felt I had the speed to ride at the front, but it didn’t work out completely. Overall we did a pretty good job I guess. I am sad I ended my season with that dislocated shoulder.

Gatedrop: How did you education go this year and is school behind you now or will you continue you with your studies?

Cyril Genot: I got my diploma right now so my parents promised to give me a year (or more) where I can completely focus on MX. Because I never had the chance to focus 100% on it before due to school.

Gatedrop: You were with the Falcon KTM this year, how was it riding with them and what’s your thoughts on the ADAC series?

Cyril Genot: The ADAC series is a good championship for sure. Those guys are fast on their tracks and the level is high. That’s also why we chose to do the ADAC races. It’s what looks the most like the GP’s. The collaboration with Falcon Motorsports went smooth. My mechanic there did a great job at each race and we all learned a lot this year.

Gatedrop: How did you find the bigger bike and do you think it will improve you as a 250cc rider?

Cyril Genot: At the moment I really don’t know. Haven’t been on a 250 for a while due to my injury but I hope the bigger bike will give me a favour. But overall I loved it and I had a great feeling on it.

Gatedrop: What’s your expectations for the 2018 EMX250 series?

Cyril Genot: I don’t know what to expect but I want to be at the front for sure. That’s what we are striving for and I am going to give it my all!

Gatedrop: You rode the MXGP of Lommel this year, it must have felt great to be behind the same start gate as Jeffrey Herlings and Antonio Cairoli. How did the GP go for you?

Cyril Genot: It didn’t really go how it should have. I think my speed wasn’t the problem but it was all the little things that made it difficult for me. It’s a pity I had all that bad luck on Sunday with that broken handlebar etc. I missed out the points in both moto’s. But okay, it was a great experience!

Gatedrop: Is being away from the GP paddock something you’ve missed?

Cyril Genot: Yeah, for sure! Being sad every time you watch the guys riding and I was at home. It was tough, but I’ll be back in 2018!

Gatedrop: Have you a plan in place for winter yet including where you will spend most your time and any pre-season races?

Cyril Genot: At the moment we don’t really have an idea which races we will do because the calendars aren’t out yet. For sure I’ll be riding the EMX250 class and the Dutch Masters of Motocross.

Gatedrop: Anyone you’d like to thank?

Cyril Genot: Can’t thank everybody enough that helps me day in day out. Family, friends, fans and for sure all my sponsors that stick behind me no matter the choices I make. I appreciate it a lot and See y’all soon!


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