Jeffrey Herlings told Paul Malin on the MXGP studio show that he now feels on top of his game this season in contrast to coming into 2017 injured.

The MXGP championship leader said his win in Argentina was, “one of the best races of my career,” before adding, “Tony was leading all 40 laps but I led half a lap and left with the red plate! Twice I came back to his rear wheel and the second moto I passed him so it was a great start to the year.”

On Trentino Herlings said: “It was one of my best, to come to the lions den, his back ground, he goes well on that track, to beat him straight up Saturday and the second moto on Sunday was pretty amazing. To go 1-1 there was good.”

Herlings however refused to divulge too much information about his great starts last weekend in Italy! “We have been trying some different things on the bike, it is some inside information we cant really talk about!”

On riding at the level he does, Herlings admitted he was born with a natural talent but that he works hard to make his dream a reality. “It takes a lot of commitment. You wake up with a dream everyday, it’s a blessing from God to do what I’m able to do, you need to wake up every morning and keep believing in the dream, that’s what I do. You also need to be talented when you are born, it’s a gift from the man above. ”

The Dutchman was also very excited about the track in Portugal and he feels the rain has actually helped the track. “This is the best track I have seen all year long, like the US in the turns there are ten lines you can overtake almost everywhere. I think they should leave the track like it is today.”

Picture: Ray Archer


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