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Herlings comments on AMA speculation

Herlings comments on AMA speculation
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Speaking to Dutch media, Jeffrey Herlings has commented on the possibility of racing the AMA Nationals and for anyone that wanted him to go – it’s not looking likely at the moment.

Grinning, Herlings said, “I thought, I will light up the fire. At various forums I read that I would not race the GP’s and that I would ride in America. I had not said anything about it myself, not even talked to KTM about it”.

Even though Herlings admits that he would rather race the MXGP World Championship he hasn’t completely ruled out that he could race AMA – let the speculation continue!

“I prefer to stay active in the World Championship instead of going to America. If I miss too many GP’s in the beginning, the American championship could be interesting. It’s a very highly regarded championship and a title that I don’t have yet. In Europe I won just about everything I could win. I have a contract to drive MXGP, I have no say in this situation. To be allowed to drive in America, It will depend on the goodwill of KTM”.

It’s looking like the visit with the doctor in around 4-5 weeks time will be key in what Herlings will do next.

You can read Herlings full quotes here.

Pic: Ray Archer

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