Cairoli: First of all I am happy to be here with Italy, it’s good motivation with the azurri shirt, we have a good team and try to get the podium. I was not sure I could come here on Monday after the crash at Imola. I had some trouble in the first corner but had a good rhythm and could pull away. Hopefully tomorrow I can get a good start and have some fun on this nice track. Tomorrow is the real race and we will fight hard, the crowd is amazing here and the track is very technical with the rain.

Ferrandis: It was a good race for me, I had a good start. We had a good fight with the other riders, and are a good show, it was a good win for me and for France. I’m really happy about the day, the track was really gnarly today with the rain, tomorrow is the big day. There is not so much pressue, nobody expects us to win, but inside the crew we all know what we can do. It’s going to be interesting tomorrow.

Coldenhoff: I think I had a great moto, I didn’t have the best start but I pushed the first two corners. I felt good out there, I think this track suits my style. I had to take my goggles off which made it more difficult with the sand in my eyes. I think the podium is realistic, we have a very strong team. To win would be amazing.

Herlings: Today we had some struggles, we slid out in the first turn and I went to the pit lane because me and my bike got run over and then I made my way back, Glenn did a great job today and it was good for the team. To have the Mx of Nations at Assen (in 2019) is wonderful, I think it is the first time any of us will race the Nations at home, the last time was 2004, we are very excited.

Pic: Doug Turney


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