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Haarup won’t represent Denmark at the MXoN

Haarup won’t represent Denmark at the MXoN
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Mikkel Haarup is a bright young talent in the GP paddock and has been asked to represent Denmark at the Motocross Des Nations heading to Assen next month.

The Danish federation asked Haarup to ride a 450cc in the open class but the young talent wanted to race his 250cc.

He even offered to ride the open class if he was able to line up in the inside considering he’s the youngest and smallest rider but the Danish federation didn’t want that.

It means Haarup won’t race the Motocross Des Nations which is a big shame.

We will have to wait to find out the official team but Thomas Kjer Olsen should be in the team.

Haarup posted the following statement:

“It is with great regret to announce that I do not have to run for Denmark at mxon this year.

I’ve got the offer to drive with, but only in the open class. In my opinion, the strongest team for Denmark, without a doubt, would be with me in the 250 class, but since this apparently was not an option, I even offered to run in the Open class with the reservation of starting on the inside, since I am the youngest and smallest, but since it couldn’t be done, it made no sense to me to stand up for Denmark.

Of course, I’m sorry not to have to run, but I hope of course the best for team Denmark in assen”.

Pic: Niek Kamper

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