Giuseppe Luongo has had his say on the Indonesian MXGP last weekend and believes it was a success!

Speaking in the MXGP magazine Giuseppe admitted, “The heavy rain that fell during the entire week leading up to the race weekend made it a very complicated Grand Prix. Thousands of tons of water came down during the week, the soil was saturated making it almost impossible to dry even with dry temperatures and many sunshine hours.”

But he believes the hard work of all involved allowed the event to go ahead. “The organizer, FIM and Youthstream worked hard day and night to save the event, which, considering the circumstances, we did and the event was a spectacular success.”

The man in charge at Youthstream also dismissed suggestions that the event was a failure because it was in the rainy season. “Such extreme conditions have opened the door to criticism coming from people thousands of kilometres away without knowing the reality,” countered Giuseppe. “I read that the event was held during the rainy season; in Indonesia strong rain-falls are common throughout the whole year, in fact a real dry season doesn’t exist in Indonesia.

Luongo also confirmed the event will stay on the calendar, “An MXGP in Indonesia is very important for the world championship and for the manufacturers: Indonesia has a population of more than 230 million, it has the highest motorcycle market growth rate in the world; they sell more than six million bikes per year,” he explained, before confirming the continuation of the event: “The MXGP of Indonesia will remain on the calendar for years to come with the will, as always, to improve.”

So there you have it, the GP will stay in Indonesia and has the backing of the manufacturers!


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