Justin Brayton took a surprise win on the last lap of the main event in Geneva after race leader Zach Osborne fell on the last lap after clipping the back wheel of lapped rider Fabien Izoird.

Osborne said it was “my fault” and admitted it was a “very disappointing” way to lose a race that he had in the bag after he passed early race leader Christian Craig for the lead.

Brayton said he had to “work hard” to just get to second after a bad start and put a nice move on Craig to take second before inheriting the win on the last lap.

Craig took third with a big four-way battle for fourth being won by Vince Friese with Jordi Tixier right in the battle with the Americans for top five all night long taking a fine fifth ahead of a slow starting Cole Seely.

Seely won his heat race but admitted nerves in his first race back from that big crash in February. Justin Barcia , who won the head-to-head over Osborne, was sixth after a bad start with Soubeyras seventh.

Malcolm Stewart was in the battle for fourth until he clipped Tixier’s rear wheel and hit the deck.




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