It’s a big week for young Belgian talent, Jago Geerts away from the track as he has three exams, one including Mathematics.

It wasn’t the best GP’s for Geerts, his worst one of the year so far during his rookie year due to bad starts and crashes but every night he was in Spain he had the textbooks out revising for his exams this week.

The good news for Geerts is once his exams are out of the way he will be with Jacky Vimond putting in the hard work required. It’s going to exciting what Geerts can do when he focuses on the sport full time.

Geerts had the following to say on his Spanish GP in the latest Kemea Racing press release:

“This is my first bummer of the season. Of course, I knew this day would eventually
arrive, because this is my first season in MX2. I crashed two times. In the first moto it
was my own fault, in the second moto I couldn’t avoid a rider that crashed in front of me.
On exactly the same spot as in the first moto. Now I have to change my focus to my studies again. I have three exams this week, including mathematics. I studied every evening here in Spain.”

Pic: Niek Kamper


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