One team in the paddock that continues to improve year after year is the Gebben Van Venrooy Racing team and they might be on the verge of going even bigger for the 2020 season. 

Whilst the manufacture is still be confirmed – it’s thought they have the option of making the switch to Yamaha or staying with Kawasaki but it’s still to be decided. 

We spoke with Emile Gebben who’s involved with the team and whilst he couldn’t tell us what colour the team will be running in 2020 he did confirm there’s a chance the team could be running three MXGP riders next year with Lupino confirmed with the team after signing a two year deal last year. 

“One thing that’s sure is that we will have Lupino on board. Hopefully he can recover completely after the crash in Russia, he’s not 100% fit yet, it takes a little bit of time. If he has one month off, I think he will be fresh and ready again for the new season. We are working on the second rider, hopefully next week we will know more. We might also have a third rider as well; all will race the MXGP class”, Gebben stated. 

It can be tough to run three riders and especially for a private team and Gebben acknowledged it would be tough if all three riders wanted completely different settings. 

“We will split everything up, this is for this rider, this is for that rider and so on. We will have to experience that, but we will try to make everything as simple as possible. Hopefully all the riders will have the same sort of setup. If you have three riders that want completely different of engines, that would be a challenge. Looking at the riders we are talking too it looks like it’ll be pretty much the same. Hopefully we can configure things pretty much the same and then we will try to go from there, we will try to make things as simple as possible. Lupino runs his own show in Italy, he has his trainer and mechanic there so it’s not like we have to follow him around. He does his own thing so we will try to do that with every rider, so we don’t have guys running in and out making a lot of stress (laughs). We try to keep it simple. I think that will work out for the best”, added Gebben. 

When we hear more regarding the team, we will bring you the news. 

Pic: Youthstream


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