Today has been a rather onerous day for Gajser in Ernée, as the qualifying race of the MXGP of France got underway.

With less than a week since his crash in Germany it was obvious that Gajser would be sore today but as free practice began, it was clear that he was uncomfortable on the bike. He tried to push through the pain but it was more intense on the bike than he had anticipated.

After some treatment from the HRC physio and a scan to check that the shoulder wasn’t broken, Gajser decided he would attempt to race. For the first four laps of the qualifying race; although not as his usual pace, he seemed to be making headway and holding a steady position. As he came around for the fifth lap the Slovenian was doubled over in pain as the ruts and jumps took its toll on his shoulder. He then pulled in to avoid damaging it any further.

Gajser will race tomorrow. He will be receiving treatment overnight to help ease the pain and enable him to perform to the best of his ability, given the circumstances.
The first MXGP race starts tomorrow at 14h15 local time.

Tim Gajser  243
It was a really difficult day today. I have a lot of pain when I am riding and the track is quite sketchy with many downhill jumps so my shoulder has even more pressure than usual. The jumps are shaped in a way that means you have to come short to get into the ruts. It is a track that is not nice to ride when you are injured. I went out there and tried, I never give up but it was tough. I could ride four good laps and then after that I feel so much pain that I couldn’t jump anymore or go normal in the corners anymore. I rode a couple more laps and went out because it was dangerous and I could have crashed again. I was disappointed because I am now seeing how sport can be from two sides. There is the good side when everything is clicking and you are winning and now I am seeing the side where I am injured and not able to ride normal like I know and that is tough to face. I will get through it and I will come back stronger.

Roger Harvey
HRC General Manager – MXGP
We are here in France without Bobby so we are reliant on Tim this weekend. Tim came here feeling much better having had a week of treatment and rest. He didn’t have any bike time in the last week but he felt good, he felt strong. The problem we have with Tim is that we have a muscle issue in the back of the shoulder, there is absolutely nothing broken it is just a muscle that has been stretched. We are going to try and work around this tomorrow, we are assessing the situation this evening and see the possibilities of starting tomorrow.


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