Stefan Ekerold left the Castrol Suzuki team at the end of 2017 to sign with Sarholz KTM but he’s agreed a deal with his former team to return in 2019.

When Ekerold reflects on his decision to leave the Castrol Suzuki team at the end of 2017, he admits that he made the wrong decision. Luckily for the German he gets a second chance to be under the awning again in 2019.

Ekerold will race the ADAC MX Masters Championship as well as selected MXGP World Championship races.

“I was looking for a ride but at first I didn’t want to engage with Michi from Castrol Suzuki just because I realised that my decision to leave at the end of last season was not really correct on my end as they did a lot for me in 2017. But after we chatted for a bit I just figured I can either be pissed of at myself for leaving in the first place or I can just let it go, apologise and see if we can do a deal for 2019. They actually never really felt like I did anything wrong but I consider myself a loyal person and to me they did more than enough to deserve me not jumping ship the moment the next best offer came a long”.

“Once I came to grips with this is where I wanted to go, I didn’t even consider anything else as I just really want to be with this team. I believe this is where I will have the most success and the most fun at the same time. It’s more of a family affair and after this season trying to force myself to be all professional and to be politically correct, let’s say, I just realised that doesn’t work for me”. Ekerold commented on the move.

With regards to expectations, Ekerold’s goal is to become German Champion, “I really want to be German champion, that’s something I have very high on the list. With the MXGP’s I compete, I want to make them count. The most important thing though is to enjoy my racing and I know I have set myself up nicely to do just that in 2019. With the continued great work I feel I do with my coach, Andre, it really makes me anxious to get out there next season”.

“A big thank you to Dave and Günther from leatt as well as my family as they always have my back 100%”, Added Ekerold.

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Ich freue mich riesig wieder bei @castrolsuzukimbc zu sein. Vielen vielen Dank an @cp1m @moritz7062 für die zweite Chance. Der komplette Pressebericht steht im Link auf meiner Seite. —————————————————– I am very happy to be back with Castrol Suzuki. For a lack of better words it was a bitch move on my end to leave at the end of last season. Sometimes in life we only realize what we have when it's gone, and being a little more grateful for what people do for you can go a long way. I am aware that in life our loyalty is tested and to me i failed that test last season. But i write this full of confidence that we can screw up but if we have the courage to admit we made a mistake, then all things can come good. I have great faith in my team, my coaches Andre and Jan from @pro_sports_alliance and all my great supporters and i am really looking forward to what the future holds and enjoying the best sport on the planet, that is. MOTOCROSS. #happyme

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