Dean Wilson has opened up about being out of a ride this time last year and described watching Monster Cup at home as one of the, “lowest points of my career.”

After a dramatic turnaround and getting back on a factory team, Dean secured 8th in supercross, 4th in motocross and now the Scot is preparing to race the MXoN for team GB!

Wilson says no-one was calling at this time last year, teams didn’t even want him despite offering to ride for free but he never gave up on himself and now has the reward for his own determination.

Enjoy reading one of the feel good stories of 2017, but can Dean round off the year with a win for team GB? 😎

Since I have time right now I was just thinking and wanted to share…. First I would just like to say it's been an amazing year. Sure I never went as fast as I would have liked. I had ups and downs but I had my goals and I achieved them. But what I really wanted to share was how powerful the MIND is…… I remember watching monster cup last year on the couch with no ride no calls or anyone interested. It was probably one of the lowest points in my career. I even thought "I'll be fine I will do some off-season races atleast and make some money" never got a call for that… I walked into some team owners offices and begged for a ride and that I would ride for free and still nothing. I had people that I thought was friends saying that my career was over and I should start looking for a job…. BUT in my mind I knew I still had the tools to be back on a factory team it would just take time even if it took a full year as a privateer I knew in my head and visualized it. After having many great friends, family, people and sponsors helping me the first 3 rounds I got a call from Bobby Hewitt to race for the factory rockstar Husqvarna race team. It was a great feeling and had so much appreciation for it this time but I knew it would come eventually if I stayed healthy it just came sooner than expected…. I had 2 rides on the bike and scored my first top 10 then my 2nd race with the team I got my first top 5….. Fast forward to the end year I got 8th in Supercross and 4th in Motocross points. I have now resigned with my team, got picked for MXON, lots of phone calls to race over-seas, phone calls/emails from a lot of company's that where definitely not calling last year. I can't believe how fast things can change and how opportunities can open if you just stay the course stay positive and believe in yourself. I just finished reading this book and it really showed me how powerful the mind is if you keep positive thoughts in your head visualize you being there already and positive things will happen. Anyways sorry for the long story, I just wanted to share for anyone that goes through a hard time on whatever it is in life. Don't give up! Thank you for the support!!

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