I’m back! Sorry for the delay. I took some time off after a busy few weeks. I went to the south of France (without my bike) and had a lot of fun. I climbed the Mont Ventoux, a challenge I set myself going down there. Let’s reflect on this month.

MX2 Debut in Kegums, Latvia
What a feeling to make your MX2 debut. It’s a one of a kind experience that’s for sure. Saturday went smooth. I was very satisfied and felt I finally found the place were I belonged. Sunday, man… so disappointing. I still am. I had a great start but unfortunately there were a lot of crashes that I couldn’t avoid and I lost a lot of spots. I still found myself in 16th position and as I was working my way up, someone hit me so hard and I crashed. Damn I was angry. I guess I have to get used to the dirty riding a bit more since I’m the complete opposite. The person involved apologized. I didn’t finish the moto cause everything was bent. Second moto I gave everything I had and walked away with one point. I know I can do better.

I was very excited for Teutschenthal. I like the track although I find it a difficult one. It’s not something you can find anywhere else. Saturday was a nightmare. During time practice I had a horrible crash. I didn’t see it coming at all. It took me by surprise. I was happy I walked away from that one. All the confidence I build up were gone. I did race on Saturday but I didn’t feel confident at all. My starts were definitely a positive point throughout the whole weekend. The races… not really. I finally got some ryhtm at the end of the second moto.

ADAC MX Masters in Mölln
Well well well… a weekend to forget. No words for my terrible starts. I hit the starting gate twice, which meant I had to start 40th. It was not my weekend, although I had a good feeling on the track. With the second best chrono on Saturday in qualifying, I had high expectations. I finished 9th in the daily classification and lost some precious points.

I also have another annoucement to make which I am very excited about. I will be working with Mx-Nutrition for the rest of the year. Eike has a lot of knowledge in the nutritiun department and thanks to him I will have everything I need to stay hydrated and nurtured properly. If you guys are interested, go check out his website www.mx-nutrition.de!

Words: Cyril Genot


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