I’m back. What a relief! Because you do so much for me and support me enormously, I would like to keep you monthly informed about my adventures throughout a newsletter.

It was finally January. My physio, Bert Driesen, told me I could get back on the bike after 5 long and intensive months of rehabilitation. Weeks, no what am I saying, months I looked forward to this. Everything had been ready for a while. Dad already prepared my bike. My clothes were being printed, my sticker sets were designed and my roll-offs were ready to play in the mud.

It’s no surprise that the weather in Belgium isn’t perfect for motocross riders. At the beginning of January I was able to ride in the sand. I had a lot of stress to get back on the bike for the first time. You don’t know where you stand after so many months off the bike. It was very exciting. I actually had a good feeling. Better than I expected. A relief for me!

The weather was getting worse. The weathermen predicted rain and snow so we decided that it was time continue my training elsewhere. We happen to have an old acquaintance who lives in Alicante. He found us a place to stay near his home.This is the third week that I stay here with dad. I train every day. Of course on the bike, but I also go to the gym and I run and cycle. We are really enjoying our time over here.

Words: Cyril Genot

Pic: Danny Relouw


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