Cooper Webb revealed the startling contrast a year has made at the same stadium in Minneapolis after his third win of the 2019 season.

Webb is just a point of the championship lead, now held again by Ken Roczen but has won more races than any other rider this season after switching to Red Bull KTM and training with Aldon Baker. Last he year sat in the medical centre with yet another injury and out of the race and the championship hunt.

“Man, I’m stoked, I really am. I sat here in the Asterisk Rig [Mobile Medical Unit] the last two years, one with a blown-out shoulder, and last year with with a broken leg. And last year I contemplated a lot sitting right here in this very, exact stadium,” revealed Webb.

“It’s pretty bittersweet,” he continued as he reflected on his the struggles of a year ago. “It’s funny how the world goes ’round and, you know, it can be such a devastating moment in racing one year and the next year you’re at the highest of highs. So, it’s a pretty incredible journey, for sure, and man, just three wins is insane, it really is. I’m stoked, man, I really am. And to have it clicking like this, and I really enjoy these east coast tracks. You know it was hard to pass but [I] stayed patient and waited for a mistake from Joey and was able to capitalize and ride my own race and it was awesome out there…”

“To get three wins this year is pretty spectacular, especially bouncing back from last week – having that bad race in the mud – but I never lost belief, never lost faith and knew I was still good,” commmented Webb on an impressive rebound following a difficult day in the mud at San Diego.

“I felt good all day today and to be able to apply it in the heat race, win that, and then win the main was pretty special. It’s cool, I have to pinch myself because I’ve come such a long way in a short amount of time.”


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