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Clarke and Furlotti not happy with the EMX250 age rule

Clarke and Furlotti not happy with the EMX250 age rule
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As we previously reported, it looks like the EMX250 class will have an U23 age rule in 2019. Word has got around the GP riders and teams – it’s fair to say some aren’t happy with the decision to put the same age rule on both the EMX250 and the MX2 World Championship classes.

“Yeah good one @mxgp. If your not going to ditch the age limit rule for mx2 like the rest of the world then why make this one limited to 23 also? Anyone else agree? Don’t be shy, say what you think boys!! This is OUR job/sport, and it seems like the riders are the only ones EVER getting shafted” Steven Clarke wrote on social media.

The Brit still hasn’t officially announced his plans for the 2019 season but if the EMX250 class does have an age rule that will be another series he won’t have the option to even compete in.

As for Simone Furlotti, he’s not happy Youthstream have only taken the decision in October – if they announced this earlier in the year then the riders like Furlotti would have had time to make other plans. However, the Italian just confirmed a deal with the GBO Motorsports team last week to contest the EMX250 series. He’ll now be too old to race the class if the age rule does go ahead.

“Changing the rules in October is NOT fair! @mxgp. It may be right for the age limit in the European 250, but then it (the rule) must be removed from the MX2 World Championship.
And above all you can’t change the rules in October when you know very well that riders sign contracts before that”.

Furlotti also acknowledges that the age rule in the EMX250 is perhaps the right decision but then they should remove the rule in the MX2 World Championship – plenty of other people in the GP paddock will share that opinion too!

Pic: Nigel McKinstry

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