Former world motocross and US 250 supercross champ, Christophe Pourcel has announced his retirement from the the sport.

One of the most naturally talented and smoothest riders to put his leg over a bike, the Frenchman came back from a career threatening injury at the Irish GP while defending his MX2 world title in 2007 to win two US 250 supercross titles and very nearly win two US 250 national outdoor championships only to come up agonisingly short each time.

Pourcel quit the supercross series in 2017 a few rounds in to race in Canada but has decided that it’s now time to end a succussful career, because he has, understandably, had enough of the injures.

Pourcel admitted: “I know I can still be competitive but my body has said enough with the injuries!!”

You can read his full statement below:


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