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Charles LeFrancois wins night one in Stuttgart

Charles LeFrancois wins night one in Stuttgart
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Charles LeFrancois won the first evening of the ADAC Supercross in Stuttgart. The 29-year-old Suzuki driver won the final from Americans Ryan Breece and Mike Alessi! In the SX2 the victory went to Hakon Frederiksen.

When the starting gate goes down for the 20-lap final, Lefrancios immediately takes the lead for Justin Starling and Boris Maillard. However, both are quickly passed by Alessi who is going to try to get hold of the lead. However, that does not happen and the 31-year-old Alessi gets it stuck behind Breece. The Meyer Yamaha rider is faster but he needs a lot of time to pass his countryman. In the final phase, 24-year-old Breece manages to take over second place, but the leader has disappeared from view. Breece comes in second for Alessi, Tyler Bowers and Justin Starling, who won the overall in Zuidbroek last week.

1. Charles Lefrancois (FRA, SUZ), 20 Runden
2. Ryan Breece (USA , YAM), +5.878
3. Mike Alessi (USA , HON), +8.797
4. Tyler Bowers (USA , KAW), +12.655
5. Justin Starling (USA , SUZ), +16.633
6. Carlen Gardener (USA , HON), +19.195
7. Boris Maillard (FRA, SUZ), +21.474
8. Filip Neugebauer (CZE, KAW), +24.053
9. Jason Clermont (FRA, KAW), +26.928
10. Jack Brunell (GBR, KTM), +30.758
11. Cheyenne Harmon (USA , SUZ), +1 Rnd.
12. Ronnie Stewart (USA , HUS), +1 Rnd.

1. Hakon Frederiksen (NOR, YAM), 15 Runden
2. Paul Haberland (GER, HON), +5.191
3. Prol Ormeno Xurxo (ESP, HUS), +10.219
4. Dare Demartile (USA , HON), +15.596
5. Clément Briatte (FRA, KAW), +19.003
6. Lance Kobusch (USA , KAW), +24.326
7. Kevin Moranz (USA , SUZ), +39.763
8. Jeroen Bussink (NED, HUS), +1 Rnd.
9. Andrea Bonifacio (ITA, SUZ), +1 Rnd.
10. Jimmy Clochet (FRA, KAW), +3 Rnd.
11. Dylan Woodcock (GBR, KAW), +11 Rnd.
12. Deegan Von Lossberg (USA , YAM), +14 Rnd.

Words: Steven van Kempen/KEMCO
Photo: #BartAmsink

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