Chad Reed has confirmed he is considering racing he MXoN for Guam, a US territory (similar to Puerto Rico) that Reed is eligible for thanks to having a US passport as well as Australian, in a brilliant wide-ranging interview by Steve Matthes on Pulp MX.

“I would like to do it,” said Reed on racing the biggest race of the year. “I am considering doing it for Guam, I want to race. I am pretty disappointed on the Australia thing, the best way to answer it is I have options, if the country who I put on the map doesn’t want me then I would like to race for somebody else. I want a team that can put us in the final and we can go racing. It’s a badass event, it’s a rad track.”

Chad Reed pick the extreme inside line at Ironman which propelled him to two great starts. With age comes wisdom! Pic: Doug Turney

Reed also confirmed he is hoping to be on the supercross gate next year and hopefully on the JGR Suzuki: “Totally, everything is getting talked about, I feel confident in what J-Bone is telling me is happening, it’s a day to day thing at this point. I would enjoy it, I love the bike and love the team. The thought of going and racing there excites me.”

“When I rode the bike it brought back amazing memories, maybe there is a reason why I am a one time (outdoor) champion on a yellow bike. I had been riding with Chase and Kenny and was way off, then I went back on the Suzuki and I was running the pace. The bike made a huge difference. I think the JGR guys and Suzuki deserve a lot of credit, for making a guy like me feel comfortable. That has always been my Achilles heel, really. When I am not comfortable I really struggle.

Reed goes for the holeshot at Ironman. Pic: Doug Turney

“Jumping back on a Suzuki and getting that familiar feel, it made it enjoyable again, I went into it saying this is probably my last race (outdoors), but if I got asked to do it again, I would honestly probably do it, I had a blast.

“Ironman confirmed my thinking, get on the right bike and right team and I can still go fast,” added a confident Reed.

The Aussie was also asked his view on who will win at Red Bud in the showdown between Herlings and Tomac: “That’s a tough one, I lean towards Herlings because I think Herlings is a better starter and every bit as gnarly as Eli but when I say that Eli is more consistent on the grate starts, he holeshots the GP last year in the first moto. From what I hear he is going to ride the knew bike and it is a lot better, so does that play into his favour or is it all new to him? Red Bud is so dominant to a good starter, and I lean towards Jeffrey being a bit better in that area.”

Chad Reed, a versatile rider himself as his performance at Ironman in the mud showed, says he is most impressed with Herlings’ versatility. Pic: Doug Turney

And Reed also had some nice things to say about the MXGP world championship leader Herlings and his versatility: “What I like about Jeffrey is obviously he has grown up a lot in the sand. Obviously he is super gnarly in the sand but in some ways he impresses me more in the hard pack. He has really good throttle control, getting in and out of deep ruts and things like that. Somebody that grows up in the sand, the bike moves around and you are riding like it’s floating, so for someone who is used to the bike floating around then to get used to it being in a train track in a rut and pinning it, it’s pretty impressive skills to have. I would say the fact his skill level across all the tracks from sand to hard pack, he is just really solid.”


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