It has been a tough start to the season for Chad Reed with no preparation time and a still healing ankle. Reed however, has still made all the main events and got some points- but is itching to get to ride to his full potential!

Doug Turney spoke to Reed about his recovery and his season so far at San Diego.

Congratulations on a good season so far, given the ankle injury- how are you feeling?

The ankle is progressing, I don’t think it has been a good season – so we disagree on that! But I haven’t been on a couch, I have been racing so that has been good. The ankle is getting better, progressing every week, obiviously not as fast as I would like too, but that’s just part of it. Truthfully I felt they would come along a lot quicker than that it has, but is hasn’t although saying that there has been some small progress here and there too.

And how are things as far as the bike this year?

The bike is great, I am really liking the bike, I am really excited for the moment I get to go out there and race healthy on it, it’s a great bike. I think Jason, although we don’t have the same bike, he is on the newest one and I feel good about my choice of bikes. The one thing that stings is that you want to get out there and ride this thing to it’s full potential and I am not able to do that yet.

Reed. San Diego. Pic Doug Turney

So you are able to start riding during the week now?

A little bit, just trying to get after it week by week. This week we got to test which was the first time o it was awesome, we have progressed a little bit this week. the last setting of the day was a 5.30 in the afternoon when it was getting dark so what we learned from that we will try here.

This was the first week I have been on the West coast. With my three kids in school, soccer, gymnastics during the week, it’s a busy week never mind the racing! The family was here as well, they went to Oakland and the kids got to spend the week here, we had beautiful weather all week so it’s been a fun week.

Will it be good to get back to the east coast? Tampa is kind of a home track for you!

This is my 17th year on tour and this will be my first time to be able to drive next to the airport and not to the airport so I am excited about. You couldn’t have planned it any better, if all goes well that will be when I break the all-time main event starts (over Larocco) so that will be a big weekend for us I think.


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