Ricky Carmichael gave an insight into the incredibly competitive nature of Roger DeCoster, explaining that the Belgian wouldn’t talk to RC once Carmichael became a team owner with RCH Suzuki.

Despite all the success the pair had in the mid-2000s when Carmichael rode for DeCoster at factory Suzuki and won two supercross and two US national titles, Roger saw RC as a competitor to beat once he ran his own team.

“When I became a team owner Roger wouldn’t talk to me,” revealed RC in his podcast show with Jeff Emig, Real talk 447.

And it was Carmichael who tried to make things better. “I had to tell Decoster, dude it’s just me man, we won a tremendous amount to championships together, I have a tremoundous amount of respect for you. I’m your boy dude. It’s okay, we aren’t riding the motorcycles, before adding, “he’s a competitive son of gun!”

DeCoster has seen and done it all as a rider and a team manager but the competitive nature clearly still burns inside and that’s no doubt why he is still so successful in the sport and helps drive his staff on to have the same will to win.


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