PR- After the last night storm, that made the organization becomes hard, from this morning the track ground changed from mud into dust. Together with Antonio Cairoli, the sun arrived in Noto to be the background of a combative and spectacular race-day: the warm of the Sicilian people made the difference. An incredible flow of spectators since the early lights of the sunrise has been the ideal surround for the World champion, who triumphed and showed again to be a great fighter, so giving to his fellows the overall success, that means to take for granted the final victory of Internazionali d’Italia SDV Motocross. A global jubilation in front of the main local and regional authorities: among them the Major of Noto, Mr. Corrado Bonfanti, and the deputy Prefect of Siracusa, Mr. Filippo Romano.

Here in his homeland, Sicily, Antonio Cairoli (KTM Red Bull) has not managed to repeat the success of seven days ago in Sardinia and had to leave the first jump of the MX1 podium to Romain Febvre (Yamaha Monster Energy), who also gained the 24MX fast lap, while the 9 times World champion was the fastest at the Just1 Holeshot. The race was leaded by Cairoli, followed by Febvre, who pressed him, while Jeremy Van Horebeek (Yamaha Monster Energy) is third. During the 12th lap, Cairoli is “stopped” by a doubled rider and Febvre takes this opportunity to pass him and to lead till the finish. Third placed is Van Horebeek who arrives before a great Ivo Monticelli, very confident on his 450 bike. The fifth position is gained by Tanel Leok (Husqvarna) while Alessandro Lupino (Kawasaki Gebben) is sixth placed. The leader Red Plate is still held by Cairoli with 220 points, in front of Febvre (180) and Van Horebeek (160).

The MX2 winner is Maxime Renaux (Yamaha SM Action), who arrived overall eighth last weekend in Riola. The French riders won in front of Michele Cervellin (Honda Martin Racing) who raced regularly among the tricks of Noto track; behind him at the chequered flag, Samuele Bernardini (TM Factory) was third placed after a great start. The 250cc. Holeshot Just1 was gained by Alessandro Manucci (Yamaha SM Action). The championship classification is now leaded by Renaux with the score of 165 points, followed by Cervellin (160 p.) and Lawrence (Honda 114 Motorsports).

Great Emotions in the main class with a final podium, where Cairoli (KTM Red Bull) is first placed in front of Van Horebeek (Yamaha Monster Energy) and Febvre (idem), first at the Just1 Holeshot line. At the end of the day, the Belgian rider has been relegated of ten positions, because he passed his team mate Febvre while the yellow flag was showed. In this way the final third classified is Alessandro Lupino (Kawasaki Gebben). The race became easy for Cairoli who passed Febvre and then Van Horebeek, for the standing ovation of the spectators, who also celebrated his 24MX fast lap. Tony showed to be confident along the tricks of the track and confirmed to be the fastest on hard ground too. Alvin Ostlund (Yamaha SM Action) was the first MX2 rider at the finish line and gained the overall fifth position. In the Supercampion classification Cairoli leads with the score of 240 points, followed by Febvre (180 p.) and Tannel Leok (105 p.).

Words and pic: Off road racing


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