After equalling his season best result in Germany Evgeny Bobryshev enjoyed a well-earned weekend off to recuperate before heading to Matterley Basin for round nine of the MXGP world championship.
The fast and flowing layout at Matterley suits Evgeny’s style well, and with the ideal track and weather conditions it was clear from the get go that Bobby was enjoying himself. After a couple of tweaks to the bike during the day Bobryshev was able to score a solid 11th place finish in Saturday’s qualification race, giving him a good gate pick for Matterley’s unique start straight drop.

Evgeny nailed some of the best starts of his season at Matterley. Race one on Sunday started off well as the BOS GP pilot emerged from the first corner just outside of the top ten.  The battling was frantic as the first few laps commenced. Bobby was embroiled in a fight with Julien Lieber for 10th position, with Tommy Searle and Jeremy Seewer just ahead of them in eighth and ninth. Seewer made a small mistake on lap two, allowing both Lieber and Bobby to move up one position. The Russian continued his charge forwards, passing Lieber on the very next lap to take over ninth place. By this stage Searle was a further three seconds up the track, but Bobby with Lieber and Seewer hot on his heels, pushed hard to close that gap. With just under 20 minutes left on the clock Lieber was able to find a way back past Bobryshev. The pair continued this fight for the next 10 minutes. As the race reached it’s final third Jeremy Seewer was also able to make a move on Bobby, but there was still plenty of time to retaliate. With three laps to go a mistake from Tommy Searle saw him drop back two places and remount just in front of Evgeny. This served as a new carrot for the BOS GP rider to chase. As the two-lap board came out Jeremy Seewer started dropping down the field, this meant that Bobryshev was promoted back into tenth position. Bobby wasn’t quite able to catch and pass Searle on the final lap, meaning that the Russian settled for a solid tenth place finish in race one.

Another great start in race two saw Bobryshev begin the moto inside of the top ten, crossing the first sector marker in eighth position. Bobby momentarily lost a spot to Lieber before the factory Kawasaki rider crashed out of the race on lap three. As the race began to settle down Bobryshev was shuffled back to ninth place as Jeremy Seewer charged forwards. With 25 minutes of racing still to go Bobby found himself in no man’s land, with Seewer a few seconds ahead and Searle a few seconds behind. For the remainder of the moto the BOS GP pilot rode a lonely race in ninth position. With the so field spread out Bobryshev was able to bring it home for a comfortable ninth place finish. With some erratic results from the riders around him Bobby’s consistent scorecard awarded him seventh overall on the day, his best result of the 2018 season so far and a great achievement for his BOS GP team.

Evgeny Bobryshev – ‘‘I had a good second race. From the start I was in the top ten, which is really good and that helped me for the rest of the race. I messed up my first laps a little bit, just choosing the wrong lines, so I lost a couple of positions there. By the time I got back into ninth there was already a gap in front. Seewer was ahead of me and he was quicker, so I couldn’t follow him, I just stayed in ninth. There was a big gap in front of me and a big gap behind me, so I was just chilling a little. I didn’t try to push too hard to catch the front guys as I didn’t have a good flow and I felt a little uncomfortable during the race.
We got seventh overall today, which is the best result of the year, so I’m going home really happy!’’

Report & Images : Toofast Media Group


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