Despite breaking his hand in Germany, Ben Watson went to Indonesia with the intention of racing. 

The Kemea Yamaha rider battled hard during qualifying to cross the line in tenth – a very good ride under the circumstances. 

Unfortnately for Watson his hand didn’t reaction well to the first days racing and was inflamed. It meant the Brit couldn’t take to the line on race day but he’ll take another week off and seems determined to try and race next weekend.

“Disappointing day, after yesterday I really thought I would be able to do the same today and take some valuable points. Unfortunately my hand didn’t react good to a hard day on it yesterday and this morning it was inflamed and too much for me to be able to ride. I will take another week rest and try again in Semerang. Sorry to let everyone down again but I tried, maybe too early only 13 days after surgery! Big thanks to the whole team and for everyone’s continued support”, Watson posted on social media. 

Pic: Bavo


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