Justin Barcia has said on Vital MX that he would love to race MXGP if given the opportunity.

Barcia said:”I would love to race the MXGP series if it was possible, I love racing outside the US, it’s always stressful but I’m pretty good under pressure.”

This isn’t the first time Barcia has voiced his desire to race the world championship and it seems like he is waiting for a call to race the series in the future to try and become America’s first motocross world champion since 1994.

Barcia who showed great form outdoors on the JGR Yamaha last year, was coming into 2016 supercross on a high but a pre-season injury meant Justin struggled to get the results he wanted in the first few rounds and ultimately was forced to get surgery after the pain became too much.

Barcia is hoping to be back in action soon but is currently doing a Question and Answer session on popular website Vitalmx, so if you have a question for him go here.



  1. […] Justin Barcia has taken to social media and added more fuel to the fire that he might be considering moving to MXGP in 2017. Posting a photo on his instagram account he wrote “#mxgp2017 #?”. He has previously mention his desire to ride the World Championship at the 2015 MXDN and on a Vital MX question and answer session only a month ago. […]

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