Elliot Banks-Browne has took to social media in an attempt for change at the Maxxis British Championship.

The Maxxis British Championship was once rated as the best National championship in Europe but the last few years the interest has dropped and there’s not a massive crowd that goes to watch anymore.

“A night race at £5 pp to watch vs a British championship at £25 pp. Tell me what’s busier.
It’s crazy to see the contrast and it really disappointed me to see so little spectators at the last British Championship.
Something need to change and fast, but what do you think that change needs to be ???? #weneedchange”, Banks-Browne commented on social media.

So, what needs to change? Adam Sterry was quick to jump in and suggest that better advertising would be an improvement. “Better advertising, I don’t even know when the next British is”.

Sterry isn’t wrong, working in the media, finding results and getting press releases from other National championships doesn’t seem to be a problem but there’s little coming from the ACU when it comes to the Maxxis British Championship.

It would be nice to see someone from the ACU show a bit of passion and try to improve what should be one of the best National Championships in Europe get back to that level once again.


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