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Arizona reports worst day of confirmed COVID-19 cases

Arizona reports worst day of confirmed COVID-19 cases
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Feld was hoping to resume the Supercross season next month behind closed doors but in order to do so needed approval from the government. Steve Matthes from PulpMX believes that if the virus declined for 14 days straight then the Government would have granted permission for the Supercross season to resume next month.

“From what I hear, the virus needs to decline per the CDC for 14 straight days before Feld can hold these races, as of yesterday it’s been 4. There will be face masks worn, temp checks, only essential people allowed”, Steve Matthes from PulpMX tweeted.

However, on Thursday (24th April), Arizona experienced it’s worst day yet with regards to the Coronavirus pandemic.

“Arizona experienced its worst day of the coronavirus pandemic on Thursday, reporting 310 new infections which pushed the state’s total confirmed case count to 5,769. Additionally, 66 Arizonans have died from the disease in the past three days, the most the state has seen in that time frame to date”, thehill report

It remains to be seen what this will mean for the Supercross season but you’d think that it’s now unlikely to be back next month, Cooper Webb has already stated that it’s starting to become questionable as some teams/riders were complaining they wouldn’t have the time to prepare for the 15th May and now with things getting worse with the Coronavirus in Arizona – Supercross probably won’t be back next month.

Source: The Hill 

Pic: Kawasaki

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