A lot of former AMA champions have given their view on the controversial pass/take out that gave Marvin Musqin the win over Eli Tomac and it appears the passs has definitely divided opinion even among the legends of the sport!

It’s safe to say Jeff Ward was not happy! With Ward bizarrely calling Musquin, ”Frenchie,” during his rant on Instagram. “Half these people say Tomac would have done the same. He didn’t, he passed him with less than two laps. Was a cheap shot since Tomac did not clean him out. Feel sorry for the Frenchie now. Plus Frenchie should have owned up to it that he ran out of talent and not mumble about lappers and Tomac took a different line, that was comical.”

However Ward was known to get aggressive during his day when going for the win, when he made a similar move for the lead on Jeff Stanton at Binghamton – but he called it good racing!

Seven time supercross champ Jeremy McGrath was also not happy with the move  saying: “Just my opinion… I know there is a win and a lot of money on the line! They are both great but I just don’t agree with cheap shots. Tomac should have went low to prevent that move but still a cheap shot. I am here to tell you, wins like that don’t feel very good…”

Ryan Villopoto however supported the Frenchman saying: “ A win on the line and 100K👍🏻@marvinmusquin25.”

Former 2x 250 supercross champ and 2x world champ Michael Pichon was, as you might expect, on the side of his countryman too: “ Marvin is usually not this kind of guy. Tomac didn’t expect him to do that. That’s his own mistake. When you spend all race trying to pass somebody for the win, just don’t think it’s done in the last turn. We have seen that happen so many times. Well done Marvin 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻“

Ricky Carmichael felt too much was being made of it and said: “ I’ve seen much worse, let’s all move on to next weekend. “


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