In only his first full season in British Championship MX1 motocross young John Adamson was setting the heather on fire with a magnificent seventh place overall last Sunday at Canada Heights in Kent. 

The Houston based Scot was riding a one and a half year old second hand bike bought the week before and only had time for a short set up session with suspension supplied by Willie Simpson of SS24 before heading off to a race track for the first time.  In spite of the lack of preparation Adamson stormed through the pack  after a first corner crash to finish ninth in the first of his two races.  His second race didn’t start much better with a poor start leaving him almost dead last.  Another gritty ride saw Adamson making audacious passes on the narrow track to pull through to eighth making a lot of new fans in the process. 

Adamson is up against full time racers on large teams and the privateer father and son combo have only a little help from Bikesport Newcastle and Danger UK.  He also has a full time job which makes practicing and training difficult.  Surely it is only a matter of time before one of the big teams recognises the youngster’s talent with the offer of help or perhaps a fill in ride for an injured rider.

Words: Neil Adamson


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